Friday, May 7, 2010

Le Homme Nouveau

New York Magazine reports that British mannequin maker Roostein is pushing back against the Western world's increasing girth with Le Homme Nouveau, a new line of male mannequins with tiny, 27" waists.

A lot of bloggers are questioning whether this is a good idea, as ironically, as obesity increases, so, apparently, are bulimia and other eating disorders in both men and women.

I am, of course, of two minds in this regard.  A man with a 38" chest and 27" waist sounds pretty ideal to me, but I also hate the very notion of such a rarely-obtainable ideal being promoted, thus giving the fuller-figured cause for anxiety.  Of course, this very blog promotes that same ideal, but it's my taste, not "society's" in general.  It's complicated.

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